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1982: From Our Origin To Today

On May 2, 1982, The Indian Cultural Society (ICS) of Urbana—Champaign began its life after a meeting of several members of the Indian Community at Govindjee and Rajni’s home (2401 South Boudreau Drive, Urbana, IL). This marked the birth of our activities and it was praised through the celebration of Gandhi Jayanthi; a dance performance by Hema Rajgopalan; picnic at Crystal Lake Park; a Classical recital by Zakir Hussain; a lecture by the famous Indian novelist Raja Rao, among other events. We started with a membership of 80 persons (not counting children). The membership fee was $25 (husband and wife and all children living with them); and $15 (individuals). Now, we have no membership fee! Our Cultural Society is opened to all and everyone, so if you would like to dive deeper into this beautiful culture, start by simply sending us a message through the contact form below so we can connect!

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